The results are in, which system is better? After reviewing the following categories, aesthetics, yearly releases, upgrades, backwards compatibility, usability, social networking, entertainment and application development, iOS has a slight edge over Android.

Appleman eating up Android

For a beginner iOS is a perfect choice. iOS’s closed system allows for excellent troubleshooting and technical support due to their uniform design. It is user friendly; once you know how to use the operating system you can operate it on all Apple products as it is the same regardless of the device. iOS offers major system updates on a yearly basis and it is easy to update by accessing the menu options. Most of the new versions of iOS are compatible with older devices so there is no need to run out and buy a new device when an upgrade is released. Apple has a huge app store with over 800,000 apps and has made it easier for third party developers to develop apps since it has relaxed its regulations. Social networking sites such as Facebook are now fully integrated into the system making it just that much easier to stay in touch.

Android’s system requires technical know how to get the most out of it. Android is all about personalization, its open system allows the user to customize their device to their liking. This customization is a double edged sword as it allows the user to personalize but makes for difficult troubleshooting. The Android operating system is used on a variety of devices from different manufacturers, this makes it difficult to upgrade as the updates take longer to reach your device. When it comes to backwards compatibility each manufacturer has its own specs for what the device can handle and how the software has been implemented, so the manufacturer decides how to release updates and what devices will be compatible. When it comes to entertainment and social networking Android and iOS each have features that outdo each other but when you weigh them against each other, they are neck and neck.

Smartphones running Android OS

Even after my extensive research I will still continue to prefer Android to iOS. I am an Android user; I love how you are able to customize it. I am a big fan of the widgets and love the aesthetics. There are several different options for phones as well as tablets that run the Android operating system unlike Apple which only offers the iPhone and iPad. Apps for Android are more affordable since you are able to purchase them from alternative app stores whereas iOS Apps can only be purchased through the iTunes store.

In conclusion it is difficult to decide a clear cut winner until iOS becomes available on third party devices or vice versa.


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